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Week 2 : Understanding behaviour
The following resources and links provide additional information that support the weekly lectures for this subject. This week's first lecture looks at gaining a better understanding of the different perspectives that models use to analyse and explain the ways students are motivated to learn and behave. These perspectives provide the an overview of the specific approaches covered over the following 8 weeks.
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A copy of the powerpoint presentation accompanying this week's lecture. Please note that this presentation is NOT meant as
lecture notes. Attendance at lectures enable the presentation to be used effectively.              
A pdf version of the ppt slides ⇒
A comprehensive collection of links to just about every theory covering instructional design, behaviour and learning.

Talk by Sir Ken Robinson on the need
to change our learning paradigm

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A package from the Education Department in Queensland that supports the microskills of teaching tutorial with some practical, classroom-tested skilss that have been designed to help teachers model respectful, task-oriented behaviour. A practical guide to handling your first class from Sue Roffey
(Recommended reading)
Another excellent resource - clearly written and very down-to-earth that was the product of early work by Christine Richmond(1996) and later revision by Paul Leitch (2006) from the Queensland Department of Education and Training. These Essential Skills for Classroom Management bring together skills from Bill Rogers and Christine Richmond.

Crisis development model

This model is a key starting point for understanding the behaviour of individuals and the dynamics of classes. Being able to quickly identify the level to which an incident can be placed and responding with an appropriate strategy for that level is the key to good behaviour management and the de-escalation of crises. (more)
Video from lecture of Richie - a young gang member appearing on an USA talk show.
A range of scenarios from past PEX for you to work through.
Use this interactive checklist to develop effective strategies matching your teaching style

Pick-a-scenario. Decide detachment & crisis level